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Hello, this is Maria, and here you can find my own themes, pages, updates tabs and help in all things HTML. You can request a theme here

I will make tutorials only on request, so if you have a question consult my askbox on or off anon and I will do my best to help you. But please always check the tutorials first, you might find your answer there.

Please always mind the theme rules. Thank you and enjoy! :)

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    All the rules and my FAQ can be found here


  • Don´t steal, don´t delete the credit, don´t claim as your own, don´t redistribute
  • You can use as base but consult me about the result please
  • Before asking me, check the tutorials and the complete FAQ. If you do ask, include the theme/tab/page number please.
  • Theme #70 - Stag Night

    by iamthemelocked / thewomvn

    static preview | code

    If you are having problems, just check the tutorials on my HTML blog or ask me there :)

    General Stuff
    • over 50 customizable colours (e.g. the sidebar colour, the sidebar links, the tag buttons, the info buttons, the question and audio background, the scrollbar etc.)
    • font types and font sizes (for posts, description, links, etc.) are easily customizable
    • a little cursor is included in the theme, it can always be taken out though
    Included Updates Tab
    • this theme has one of my updates tabs in its code
    • it is located in the top left corner of the theme, has 5 boxes (you can always add more) and reveals its content upon hovering
    • the colours for the tab and the tab picture are easily customizable in the main menu
    • you have the option to either keep it or turn it off, depending one your choices
    • the “standalone” version of the updates tab can be found here
    • the “standalone” version of my second updates tab can be found here in case you want to check it out
    • one column posts
    • post width: 500px
    • option to choose between grayscale posts, which regain their colour upon hovering or constant colourful posts
    • 100% tall sidebar, with customizable background colour
    • option to upload 3 sidebar pictures
    • picture size: 75x75
    • all 3 pictures have spinning effects upon hovering
    • a title with customizable colours is also included
    Links, Description and Pagination
    • 6 links in total with customizable tooltip titles and colours
    • your description can be as long as you like
    • jump pagination (up to 5 with + and -)
    • the links change colour upon hovering
    • Links, Description and Padination appear upon hovering over the pictures
    Post Info and Tags
    • the little squares on the left serve as info section, with via/source/date/notes and reblog buttons that slide out upon hovering with tooltip titles as well
    • the little square on the right serves as tags section, upon hovering over the posts your tag will appear next to the button. The tag width is 120px, should a tag be longer than that then there´ll be a new paragraph for it. If you hover of the tags the letter spacing will increase.
    • the colours for both are also highly customizable
    • notes are shown with roman numbers and without icons
    Other Stuff
    • I´ve made the theme that way that you can always put various updates tabs in it, there is enough space on both sides of the posts/sidebar.
    Rules and Advice
    • Please don´t delete the credit, steal the code, claim as your own or redistribute. Thank you darling!
    • If you want to use it as a base I would like to know about it first, you can even claim it as your own as long as you made a lot of changes and consulted me first.

    If you need any help or don´t understand something request a tutorial on my HTML blog. Well then, have fun with my theme!

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