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Hello, this is Maria, and here you can find my own themes, pages, updates tabs and help in all things HTML. You can request a theme here

I will make tutorials only on request, so if you have a question consult my askbox on or off anon and I will do my best to help you. But please always check the tutorials first, you might find your answer there.

Please always mind the theme rules. Thank you and enjoy! :)

latest themes, tabs and pages on here


  • Theme #103 (hover)
  • Theme #102 (click)
  • Theme #101 (scroll)
  • Theme #100 (scroll, wow omg let´s celebrate!)


  • Page Package #3 (about, navi, blogroll and faq)


  • Tab #14 (click)
  • Tab #13 (hover)
  • Tab #12 (hover)

    All the rules and my FAQ can be found here


  • Don´t steal, don´t delete the credit, don´t claim as your own, don´t redistribute
  • You can use as base but consult me about the result please
  • Before asking me, check the tutorials and the complete FAQ. If you do ask, include the theme/tab/page number please.

    by iamthemelocked / thewomvn

    static preview | code

    If you are having problems, just check the tutorials on my HTML blog or ask me there :)

    General Stuff
    • over 50 customizable colours (e.g. the header/sidebar, the sidebar links, the description and post text, the tag buttons, the info buttons, the question and audio background, the scrollbar, the updates tab colours etc.)
    • font types and font sizes (for posts, description, pagination, etc.) are also easily customizable
    • option to choose grayscale posts
    • option to choose to choose a tiny cursor
    • option to choose either infinite scroll or the pagination
    Included Updates Tab
    • this theme has a slightly altered version of one of my updates tabs in its code (#10)
    • it is located in the top right corner of the theme, it has 5 lines with a text box appearing upon hover (you can always add more)
    • the colours for the tab boxes and the titles are easily customizable in the main menu
    • you have the option to either keep it or turn it off, depending one your choices
    • the updates has a “standalone” version as well, which can be found here
    • one column posts
    • post width: 500px
    • option to choose between grayscale posts, which regain their colour upon hovering or constantly colourful posts
    Header / Sidebar
    • header vanishes upon scrolling and 2 sidebars with everything in it appears instead
    • 4 pictures in total
    • picture size: 60px x 60px / 80px x 80px / 300px x any width you need (any picture you might upload will resize automatically though :))
    • 1st and 2nd picture and title vanish upon scrolling, 3rd and 4th picture appear instead
    • the 5 links from the top are going to move downward and be replaced with roman numerals
    • also contains links, title, description and pagination
    Links, Description, Titles and Pagination
    • 5 links in total with customizable tooltip titles and colours
    • your description can be as long as you like
    • jump pagination is located above the description
    Post Info and Tags
    • the info section is located at the bottom of the posts, with date/notes/via/origin and reblog buttons
    • upon hovering over the posts the tags will appear as little boxes underneath the posts, who also change colour upon hovering
    • the colours for both are also highly customizable
    • notes are shown with roman numbers and without icons
    Other Stuff
    • I´ve made the theme that way that you can always put various updates tabs in it, there is enough space on both sides of the posts/sidebar.
    Rules and Advice
    • Please don´t delete the credit, steal the code, claim as your own or redistribute. Thank you darling!
    • If you want to use it as a base I would like to know about it first, you can even claim it as your own as long as you made a lot of changes and consulted me first.
    • All my rules and terms can be found here

    If you need any help or don´t understand something request a tutorial on my HTML blog. Well then, have fun with my theme!

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    Hello! I hope I don't bother you, I have also checked your tutorials site for help- but well seems until now I'm the only one with this problem? I'm using theme #101 and it just won't show me the links or the two sidebars, neither the pictures- also the header won't dissappear. Glad if you could help?


    you didn´t copy everything the way it´s supposed to be. nothing moves, because you must have made a mistake, delete everything, copy it again and it´ll work.

    Hiya, I love your themes. :) I'm actually using #101, A for Alder, and I have a question - I'm using only the first 4 link buttons for the right sidebar, and when I turned off the remaining 6, the second row of links shifted slightly to the left. You can check out my blog to see exactly what I mean. Can this be fixed? Thanks.


    ah i see :) you just have to delete this little thingie:


    I am sure there still is one, behind the links in the lower blueish html section :)

    I'm looking your themes and each one is truly beautiful. I really don't know how you do, but good job! They're amazing. It's actually difficult to choose one! I wanted just to take 30 seconds of your time to sincerely thank you for what you do. Have a good week end.


    thank you so much dear! this is so nice to know :)

    i installed your theme #94 (it's beautiful by the way) but i can't figure out how to put text on my ask page, like yours. how do i do that? another question: do you know where to find a good base code? i really just want to experiment with it and not publish or anything. i'm still learning how to html code. thanks a lot ^.^


    for that you have to go into your tumblr settings and change the “ask em anything” into your own text.

    ah shit I forgot to put my original base code on the navigation page, here you go :)

    Hi so sorry to be bothering you, but i tried installing tab #13 and that didnt work so i tried installing tab #11 but it doesnt seem to be appearing on my blog? thanks so much xx


    did you install everything correctly? all the codes in the right place? no sidebar obscuring it?

    Hello (: I'm so sorry to bother you. I installed the theme # 88, but unfortunately I can't view the pagination buttons & I don't understand why. A little help will be very thankful, please. Your themes are gorgeous btw. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.


    can you only not view them in the preview or all the time? because in the preview the pagination rarely appears

    hi there! i just wanted to ask if i can use one of your about pages as a pop-up for my blog? i won't be altering the codes that much, just the colors. i'll also keep the credit intact :)


    well there is no credit in the pop up page itself so if you are using a theme that is not mine then maybe put the credit somewhere at the bottom, took me quite a long time to get this done :) but yeah, generally you can do it if you like

    Hello! I have a question. where can i find the tab like in your blog in the lower left side? Thank you! I love your work! *_*


    here you go :)

    Just saying, your code is SO well-documented and modifiable and i am in awe and thank you for giving all of this to the world OuO


    gaaaaah thank you dear! this is such a wonderful compliment!

    Hey! I was wondering- I'm using your HTML code for 'THEME #102 - B FOR BENEDICT' and I was wondering if by anychance you could help me remove the blog roll pop up. I would like to use this tab for a link to a tag page. Thank you!


    you go into the code, search for the 5th link and delete all the things that have something to do with the thingie popping up, such as:

    #?w=500” rel=”popup_name4” class=”poplight

    and that´s it

    for theme #102, how can I edit what's inside the pop ups, like the links in the navigation or what the paragraphs say in the "about me" section? (btw it's a really beautiful theme!)


    you have to go into the code, scroll A LOT, until the end basically and you will find the about and links section

    I checked the tag for it and it doesn't look like it's been asked. On theme 93, 'Hostage,' I wanted to use it on one of my blogs. I was using a separate blog to get all the colours right and I figured then I could transfer all the HTML to the real blog, but it didn't have the colours I chose. Is there a way to get those transferred over along with the code, or do I have to do it all by hand again?


    you cant transfer it unless you write it in the code. you can put your colours into the mea section at the beginning and copy it there but that is so inconvenient, why dont you just customize your colours on the blog you want to use the theme on?? 

    hey, I was just checking to see if my ask I sent a few days ago actually sent or not? It was the one about updates tab #12 and stopping the boxes from moving? Sorry if you already have, it's just that my computer crashed just after I sent it so I'm just wondering if it actually came through or not :)


    i am so sorry for taking so long ugh

    you just gotta put float:right; into every box of your tab instead of float left, basically everywhere you see left instead of right: change it. and maybe adjust the margins a little

    Hello! I have a question and you may have answered it in your FAQ, but I might be just too much of a careful dummy actually realize that. So, just to be safe, here's my question: Is it okay for me use one of your themes and then change the code just a little bit (but not a lot)? I have a credits page and you'd be on it, but if I do change the code, I'd probably put that on the page too. Sooooo is it okay.... or nah?


    Of course it´s okay :) Like I said, as long as you keep the credit on the bottom right and don´t change it beyond recognition it´s fine :)